During your nutrition appointment: 

The initial appointment, typically lasting about 45 minutes to an hour, is a time in which you and your Nutrition Expert will get to know each other and establish what you want to get out of your visits with them. Most of your time at the office will be spent talking with your Nutrition Expert because they want to get to know you as a person. This will help to make your plan of action fit you as an individual and work seamlessly into your life.

The goal is not to tell you that you can’t eat your favorite foods or that you must exercise in a specific way, but to work with you to make more manageable changes that help you. In addition, the Nutrition Expert will take this time to familiarize themselves with medical history or eating habits in order to build a successful nutrition plan and to make realistic goals.

Some questions you may hear could be:


  • Have you seen a Nutrition Expert in the past?

  • What is your job like?

  • What are your hunger and fullness signals like?

  • What does a “normal” day of eating look like to you?

  • Do you ever experience emotional/stress eating?

  • Are you ever faced with any GI distress?

  • Do you like to cook?

  • What are your stress and sleep habits like?  

It is important to remember that your Nutrition Expert is not there to pass judgement and they are only there to listen, assess the situation, and help you in the best way they can. Answer honestly so that you can get the most out of your session with the Nutrition Expert and feel free to ask some questions of your own.

The more that the Nutrition Expert knows about you and your life, the better they can help you.  This is a time for you to build each other’s trust and remember that your Nutrition Expert is here to help you in the best way they can in order to get you feeling your best!


After you and your Nutrition Expert have developed a rapport, the nutrition education process can begin! This will vary widely depending on what you are interested in getting out of your appointment and what brought you into the office in the first place. Now is the time to ask questions that you may have, voice any concerns, and let the Nutrition Expert know what you may have in mind for future visits.


Once you have established some goals and focuses for the time until your next visit, your Nutrition Expert may have resources and other take homes for you to help you in the coming days, weeks, months, and even years!


After your nutrition appointment:

Your Nutrition Expert will be sure to schedule a follow-up in order to further discuss your progress and nutritional care. You may be asked to keep a food log or to follow-up over the phone or email if you are struggling. Remember: you can always reach out to your Nutrition Expert or our office staff if you need extra support in-between appointments. We truly want you to succeed!


Initial Consultation: $120


Getting to know you specifically and your journey with health.

Personalized & Written Lifestyle Overview & Recommendations, 

Including Goals & Meal Plans. 

Education about your health & preventive self-care.

Follow-Up Sessions : $70


This is where we implement a toolkit for daily and weekly lifestyle changes. 

Cultivating good habits.

Building a true partnership with you that will last as long as you need us.


Grocery Store Sessions : $135


Completely rethink your journey through the supermarket. 

It all starts with how you source your food. 

Let’s look at labels, best bets, what fake empty foods to avoid, what areas of the market to focus your time & money on, and…

We’ll have fun!